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KEBAPP is a DePIN project on Solana, decentralizing kebab shops and boosting small owners democracy. It uses token rewards for incentivising supply chain networks, offering decentralized data storage and rewarding loyalty for RWAs.

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About KEBAPP Token

The KEBAPP coin ($KEBABS) serves as a key component of a blockchain-based project focused on decentralizing kebab shop operations through the Solana network. It provides mechanisms for token rewards, real estate tokenization, and platform governance, offering practical utility for holders in a business-centric ecosystem.

Introducing Kebapp Chefs

Have you always wanted to cut döner kebab and earn money with it? Now you have the chance!

With KebApp Chefs (our official Telegram mini-game) you can cut Kebabs, invite friends and stand a chance to get some juicy $KEBABS airdropped! đź’¸


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How to buy $KEBABS

A simple step-by-step guide on how to purchase KebAppCoin $KEBABS on SolSale.

  1. Go to Gempad’s website:  https://gempad.app
  2. Connect your wallet, make sure that you’re using a supported wallet and Solana Network for the sale. Before connecting, always double check that the website is correct.
  3. Search for the KebApp Coin’s sale page on GemPad and go to the sales page.
  4. On the right side of the page, you can either enter in the amount you want to buy or click on one of the percentage buttons.
  5. Press the buy button.
  6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  7. Congratulations! You’ve successfully acquired some tasty $KEBABS!


Phase 1: ( Q3 2024)

Phase 2: ( Q4 2024)

Phase 3: ( Q1 2025)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KEBAPP Heaven?

The KEBAPP ecosystem is a decentralized network designed to revolutionize the kebab industry. It encompasses a range of services and features tailored to kebab shops and enthusiasts alike. At its core, the ecosystem introduces the Kebapp Community Coin ($KEBABS), a digital currency that facilitates transactions, loyalty rewards, and community engagement within the kebab community. Alongside the token, the ecosystem includes tools for decentralized data storage, WiFi services, and hardware network deployment. Through these components, Kebapp aims to empower small kebab businesses, enhance customer experiences, and foster a global community of kebab enthusiasts.

To participate in KEBAPP Heaven, our ecosystem, you’ll need to connect your Solana -compatible wallet, such as Phantom wallet. From there, you can engage in various DeFi activities like farming, staking, and swapping tokens. Furthermore $KEBABS will be listed on CEX’es like MEXC, Bitmart and XT.com

The KEBAPP token, abbreviated as $KEBABS, is the native digital currency of the KEBAPP ecosystem. It serves as a medium of exchange, enabling seamless transactions within the kebab community. $KEBABS coins are built on blockchain technology, ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization. Users can earn $KEBABS coins through various activities such as participating in the ecosystem, contributing to community initiatives, or engaging with kebab shops. These coins can then be used for purchasing goods and services at participating kebab establishments, accessing premium features within the ecosystem, or even participating in governance decisions. Ultimately, the $KEBABS coin plays a central role in driving value creation, fostering community engagement, and enhancing the kebab experience for all stakeholders.

You can acquire KEBAPP Tokens currently on 3 different CEXs: MEXC, BitMart and XT.com

Holding $KEBABS offers several benefits within the Kebapp ecosystem:

  1. Rewards: $KEBABS Coins can be earned as rewards for participating in various ecosystem activities such as staking, providing liquidity, or contributing to community initiatives.

  2. Utility: $KEBABS Coins serve as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem, enabling users to purchase goods and services from kebab shops, access premium features, or participate in governance decisions.

  3. Governance: Holders of $KEBABS Coins may have voting rights or decision-making power within the ecosystem, allowing them to shape its future development and direction.

  4. Value Appreciation: As the ecosystem grows and adoption increases, the value of $KEBABS Coins may appreciate, potentially resulting in capital gains for holders.

  5. Community Engagement: Holding $KEBABS Coins fosters a sense of community participation and engagement, as users become stakeholders in the success and growth of the ecosystem.

Overall, holding $KEBABS offers both financial and participatory benefits, empowering users to actively contribute to and benefit from the KEBAPP ecosystem.

Early investors benefit from a higher token rate during the presale (87,500 KEBABS per SOL) compared to the listing rate (80,000 KEBABS per SOL). This provides a significant advantage in terms of token quantity for their investment.

The minimum buy-in for the presale is 2 SOL, and the maximum buy-in is 100 SOL. This range allows for a wide array of investors, from small contributors to larger stakeholders, to participate in the presale.

The funds raised from the presale will be used to further develop the Kebapp Coin ecosystem, including technological advancements, marketing efforts, partnerships with kebab shops, and overall project expansion to ensure sustainable growth and adoption.

The community can get involved by participating in the presale, joining our Telegram groups, following us on Twitter and YouTube, inviting friends, and being active members. By spreading the word on social media and contributing to discussions, they can be part of an exciting project poised to revolutionize the food industry.

Kebapp Coin will be available for trading shortly after the presale ends on 2024-06-21. It will be listed on MEXC on 24th of June.